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Katrina Kaif SHOCKS Her Facebook Followers By Her Comments!

2nd October 2016   ·   0 Comments

We all follow tons of celebrities online and have commented and liked on several of their posts. Almost none of them reply to their followers and fans get a feeling that their favourite star doesn’t even have the time to read their comments, let alone reply for one.
However, things are different on Katrina Kaif’s Facebook page! Katrina has personally replied to one of her fans who had commented on her post and also revealed to him that’s ‘It’s Katrina herself’ replying to his comment. The rest was history, the post exploded with comments and everyone tried their luck by commenting on the post assuming Katrina would reply to them as well.

Awesome isn’t it? It really feels great when your favourite star replies to your comment and it feels even greater when they clarify saying that ‘it’s really them’ who is replying and not someone else. We’re sure the Facebook user must be the happiest person in the country for this.

Also Katrina Kaif is only available in Facebook and does not have a Twitter, Instagram or a Snapchat handle. She was away from the social media for a long time and only chose to come online as a lot of fans were eagerly waiting for her to have at least one social media handle in which they can connect with her.


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